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Belgium just banned kosher and halal slaughter in its biggest territory | The Independent

8 May 2017 Posted by Wibo van Rossum

tightening the ‘gedoogbeleid’

28 October 2011 Posted by Wibo van Rossum

The ‘gedoogbeleid’ as something typical of Dutch legal culture around coffee shops is hard to explain and defend to non-Dutch (and to some Dutch as well ..). Core is that soft drugs are illegal, but buying less than 5 grams for personal use when you are 18 in special ‘coffee shops’ that have a municipal license, is condoned. Harder to handle is the fact that these coffee shops need to have something to sell ‘at the front door’, but are not allowed to buy large amounts of that stuff ‘at the back door’. Official policy is that the police ‘looks the other way’ from the back door as long as the stack is not over 500 grams.
No problemo .. as long as people in the area do not complain. Exactly this has been going on for some years now in the larger cities near the border with Belgium and Germany. Many French, Belgians, and Germans pay weekend visits to the Netherlands … leading to trouble in city centers and thus to complaints. The big idea of this liberal (!) government is to oblige coffee shops to become a ‘closed shop’ with members only. Only people living in the same city are allowed to become member and have a ‘wiet pass’ to get access to the shop. The rule will be in force from 1 January for the southerns part of the country, and a year later for the rest of the country.
As even an amateur criminologist can predict ..

Ludic protest against burqa ban

20 September 2011 Posted by Wibo van Rossum

A¬†webshop¬†dealing in party clothes and other material for parties and festivities sold burqas and niqaabs. The owner said provocatively he would pay the fines if his customers would be caught. Yesterday he ended his protest ‘against the limitation of freedom’. ‘This is enough for now, at least we started a public discussion about it’, the owner said.

The webshop apparently wanted to make use of an exception in the (still proposed, not public yet) bill. The exceptions are when face covering is necessary for health, safety, for the exercise of a profession, or in case of sports. Also excluded are occasions like Santa Claus and Carnival and when a major has allowed for an exception. Plus also excluded are places and buildings meant for religious purposes.

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