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28 September 2012 Posted by Wibo van Rossum

Project X is all around and the Netherlands is in a state of shock. Last weekend there should have been a party in the small town of Haren in the province of Groningen. A small private party at first, posted on Facebook. Then because of publicity, the party was hijacked by project x. It then became large.

Last Friday, thousands of youth gathered in Haren to party. But there was no party … So then better start a riot, that is to say: start to destroy whatever it is you can get your hands on. Result is more than a million in € damages.











Foto ANP / Catrinus van der Veen

Soon the ‘explanation and understanding machine’ started running. ‘Bored youth’; ‘the continuation of violence like at fairs in the old days’; ‘criminals’; ‘unconnected mayor and police that did not know how to handle this facebook event’; ‘just like the Arab spring, but here the violence was just for fun’; ‘an effect of media attention’; ‘the youth knew what was expected from them, so they lived up to the image’; one small flock of snow that thanks to social media turned into an avalanche.

Social media: Alle Menschen werden Brüder. Let’s riot together.

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